A spark arrestor is a device that removes sparks before they can cause problems in a dust collector or other piece of equipment. It is important to do so, because sparks are a common reason behind fires in ducting and dust collectors, as all 3 requirements for a fire are fulfilled: fuel source, ignition source, oxygen. Therefore, their removal becomes imperative as they can ignite dusty filters or dust in ducting.

Using a spark arrestor can prevent dangerous fires that might start in your dust collector and spread throughout the facility, as well as smaller fires that might put your dust collector out of commission for a day or two. These fires could shut down production lines that depend on the dust collectors. Cleaning up after fires is also a major burden for maintenance staff. A spark arrestor can avoid these problems, ensuring worker safety and saving money.

Electro Static Precipitators

At PRAJ, we offer complete turnkey solution for Electro Static Precipitators (ESP) for a range of applications such as Boiler, Thermic Fluid Heater, Sponge Iron plant, De-dusting etc. We offer customised design to meet the stringent particulate emission standards as prescribed by local PCB.

We have provided solutions across span of industries such as Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Paper, Food, Textile etc.

Bag Filter

We offer complete turnkey solution for Bag filters for range of applications as Boiler, Thermic Fluid Heater, Process plant de-dusting, etc on a variety of Fuels like Biomass briquette, Imported coal, Lignite etc. Our bag filters are custom designed as per process requirement. We offer Pulse Jet type design with options of Casing and Hopper entry. We offer complete solution under engineering, supply, erection & commissioning of Bag filter.