On-line Thermic Fluid Cleaning System

PRAJ Sales provides an online Thermic Fluid Cleaning System for degraded thermic fluid, an inevitable phenomenon for TF at high temperatures, which oxidises and gives rise to carbonaceous sludge that can create hot spots in TF line, choke pumps, deposit on heating surfaces, therefore hampering operations.

Our Online TF Cleaning Filteration System is

  • Online System, Ready to use
  • Single skid mounted
  • Flange-to-Flange Assembly
  • Zero downtime
  • Factory Assembled

BTU Meter

BTU/Heat Meter is designed to measure the rate of thermal energy flow and total energy consumption in liquid heating and cooling applications.  This system subsequently also measures performance of energy saving system or loss of efficiency which is directly tied to loss of revenue.

PRAJ BTU Meter provides a real-time display of :

  • Supply and Return Water Temperature
  • Instantaneous Flow rate o Cooling and/or Heating Consumption Value
  • Instantaneous power
  • Total Flow Rate


An Opacity meter, also known as Particulate Matter monitor, measures optical characteristics of the stack gas, and uses the value to calculate the PM concentration leaving with the stack gas. An opacity monitor is also used to measure the optical characteristics of the stack gas. Here, the light lost through absorption and scattering is converted into stack opacity - which is made available as an output percentage.


  • Data in % opacity, mg/m3, mg/Nm3
  • Low Maintenance
  • Suitable for gases with high dew point
  • Local / Remote Control Unit

Pressure Reducing Station (PRS):

IBR covers the safety aspect of steam boilers and steam distribution system. The steam installation must be checked every year by hydraulic testing and any piping modification needs IBR approval and stage wise inspection while implementing it

Pressure reducing stations (PRS) is the arrangement of certain valves, in order to supply the steam at desired pressure to be used in the process.

Steam flow meters:

Steam flow meters are helpful in evaluating the performance of the system and can provide useful data in assessing boiler performance, calculating boiler efficiency, and tracking the amount of steam required by the system. In some systems, steam flow meters provide a measurement signal for the boiler control system.